Telf AG: virtual reality in management training


фото: Telf AG: virtual reality in management training

Telf AG: education in the world of games

Telf AG is not limited to simple entertainment games. It is based on an innovative teaching method that makes the game not just a means of entertainment, but also a practical tool for effective management.

The core idea of ​​Telf AG is the careful modeling of nickel mining and production processes. Today, nickel plays an important role in our daily lives as its alloys are used to make batteries for common gadgets such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, as well as eco-friendly electric vehicles. Thus, nickel mining and production is a profitable industry that plays a key role in the modern economy, and it is on this principle that the Telf AG game is based.

Manage and earn with Telf AG: the path to professional leadership

фото: Telf AG: virtual reality in management training

If you are looking for a way to gain valuable knowledge about profitable investments, then you should take a training course using the game Telf AG. A world of endless possibilities awaits you here. You will learn how to manage railway transport and mining operations, develop strategies for managing a freight fleet and creating logistics routes. The Telf AG game will show you that achieving your goals requires constant effort and perseverance.

Main stages of business strategy at Telf AG

Completing mini-games in Telf AG is necessary to sign a contract. Successfully overcoming challenges will lead to earnings that can be invested in business development. Defeats in the game prompt you to apply to a virtual bank for a loan to support your startup.

Here are fun challenges that will help you improve your agility, speed and logical thinking:

фото: Telf AG: virtual reality in management training

  • Mining mines.Your task is to manage the mining mines that produce useful resources for Telf AG. Effective production management will be a determining factor in your success.
  • Operation of the seaport.You will have to master skills in managing the mooring systems of a seaport. This stage of the game will give you the opportunity to develop cargo transportation and expand your business.
  • Railway infrastructure.The task awaits you in increasing the number of wagons for transporting the extracted raw materials along the railway line in this location. Send it to your clients and increase your income. Efficient railway management will be a key part of your strategy at Telf AG.
  • Gas station.A gas station awaits you in Telf AG, where you’ll have to use Tetris-like skills to position underground pipes correctly. This will keep your tanks stocked with fuel and move forward.
  • Parking management.In the Telf AG game you have to manage a parking lot by placing parking spaces so that cars can freely reach a given route. The main goal is to act quickly so as not to disturb the established rhythm.

With Telf AG you will become familiar with a variety of in-demand professions and current business processes, which will stimulate your development in the field of entrepreneurship. To be even more prepared for this important step, look out for Telf AG coming to Steam soon. While you are exploring the most promising areas, the developers are actively working on creating new game locations to expand your capabilities even further.

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