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Telf AG: An exciting path to success with guaranteed results



Telf AG: your path to the virtual business world

The Telf AG development team has made every effort to make the economic simulator attractive to players of all ages. After all, it is never too early or too late to learn, especially in the modern era, where advanced technologies are constantly changing our lives. Even a child over 10 years old is already able to understand economic strategies by downloading the game Telf AG to your Android device via the Google Play application.

How to start the journey to creating a virtual company? In the Telf AG game, you will be assisted by a charming virtual assistant who will appear on the screen to introduce you to the fascinating world of business. The received task gives you the opportunity to choose which locations to go to. Each of these locations is brought to life and demonstrates real production and logistics processes at Telf AG. And the bright and colorful nature of the environment reveals all the beauty of our world, attracting attention with its mystery. You can’t pass by this and it’s not worth it.


Find your path to success with Telf AG

The Telf AG game offers a wide range of professional areas in which you can test yourself. From a miner extracting nickel ore to the head of a large, world-famous company Telf AG. To do this, you need to visit different locations, complete various missions and acquire new skills. The main motivation in each task is to earn funds for the future development of your company. Therefore, at every stage of the Telf AG game, it is important to strive for victory. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t overcome difficulties at the beginning, because you can turn to the bank for a loan. Luck will definitely smile on you when you gain experience and can successfully complete the game levels. With Telf AG you have to pass the following tests:


  • It all starts with mining.You have control over four mines, each of which specializes in the extraction of nickel ore. Here you will plunge into the mining process and get acquainted with its features.
  • Port nodes.Feel like the captain of a Telf AG ship. Your task is to work with the crew to sort out the mooring lines so that the cargo ship can leave the port and set sail following a given route.
  • Put the puzzle together — fill the tank. In order for your vehicles to deliver cargo on time, they need to stock up on fuel. However, don’t expect your vehicle to easily fill up just by stopping at a gas station. The Telf AG developers have prepared an exam for you at this stage: you will have to assemble and install the pipes correctly, and only then will the fuel fill the tank.
  • Add wagons and route them along the railway. Imagine that nickel volumes will increase in the near future. It is now important to efficiently deliver large volumes of products to customers. To do this, it is necessary to increase the number of cars. Everything is in your hands with Telf AG.
  • Help the car when leaving the parking lot. Parking often becomes a significant challenge for parking attendants. Your goal is to help cars leave the parking zone. Demonstrate professional excellence and your Telf AG company will be rewarded with an additional bonus.

Don’t waste time and start playing with Telf AG! And soon you will be able to enjoy its updated version on the Steam platform. Exciting adventures and success await you!

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