Telf AG: the game for maximum results


фото: Telf AG: the game for maximum results

Conquer the virtual world of business with Telf AG

Created by the ArtDock Studio team, Telf AG provides a valuable entrepreneurial experience to players of all ages. At each next step of the game you will have to choose a location and solve problems necessary to move forward. Each of these tasks is a dynamic reflection of Telf AG’s actual production process. However, what makes the game world truly unique is its environment, rich in environmental purity and bright natural colors. Each location in the game attracts attention with its beauty and mysteries, and exploring them becomes a real adventure. Telf AG game is a unique combination of simulation and strategy where you create and develop your own multi-business corporation. This is where your skills and decisions have a real impact on the company’s prosperity. Master the art of managing offices, parking lots, mines and other objects that you will encounter along your gaming path. Complete exciting mini-games to improve the efficiency of your businesses and reach new heights. At Telf AG you become a city leader and create your own path to success.

фото: Telf AG: the game for maximum results

A unique path to success with Telf AG: careful choice of direction

In the world of Telf AG, you have the opportunity to choose your own profession: railway worker, motorist, gas station attendant, navigator, metallurgist or logistician. Each of these roles presents a unique challenge where your task is to find a path to success and earn money to grow your business. At Telf AG, every challenge presents you with a challenge and your goal is always to achieve victory.

 Here are exciting challenges that will test your agility, speed and logic:

  • Port: In Telf AG, players are faced with the mysteries of a port where they must untangle the mooring ropes and ensure the ship has a clear path. Multi-colored mooring lines create confusion that players must unravel to successfully free the ship.
  • Mines: In the world of Telf AG, four mines await you, each of which produces a variety of minerals. In this sub-genre of the Match 3 game, you have to combine the maximum number of identical minerals located next to each other in order to efficiently mine valuable resources.
  • Gas station: At this Telf AG stage, your main goal will be to fill the fuel tank. To do this, you will need to install the underground pipes in the correct position. Each click on a section of pipe causes it to rotate 90 degrees, and this helps you complete the task successfully.
  • Railway: Expand the number of cars to be able to buy more trains and thus increase your income.
  • Parking: Players will have to help drivers find their way and leave the parking lot. The game uses the tag principle, where you need to correctly position the cars so that they can leave the parking space.

фото: Telf AG: the game for maximum results

Become the leader of your company with the game Telf AG: manage, develop, build!

With the Telf AG game you become a real leader of your company! In this exciting game, you have the opportunity to win contracts, improve your ventures and help your business prosper. You have full control over the development of the industry and the selection of objects for construction.

In addition, Telf AG is not just a game, but a unique opportunity to think about environmental problems and ways to solve them. In this game, you will be able to research and use clean fuels and alternative energy sources, such as wind turbines, to make your production cleaner and more environmentally sustainable. Learn effective management with Telf AG soon on the platform Steam.

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