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Discover a new world of strategic possibilities with Telf AG


фото: Discover a new world of strategic possibilities with Telf AG

What makes Telf AG truly unique is that it offers not only entertainment, but also an educational experience. The game developers paid special attention to two important aspects: nickel production and environmental sustainability.

If you are ready to take on a challenge and test your strategic skills, Telf AG is already available for download on the Google Play and App Store platforms. Don’t miss the opportunity to build a successful corporation and go on an exciting journey into the world of economic strategies!

From mines to ports: play and overcome obstacles with Telf AG

фото: Discover a new world of strategic possibilities with Telf AG

  • Mineral cascades.In the depths of Telf AG’s mines, players are faced with the task of mining nickel. The main goal of the participants is to skillfully select and send the mineral into production.
  • Parking labyrinth.In this location, players will have to help drivers figure it out and easily leave the parking zone by solving puzzles and avoiding collisions.
  • Ecopipeline.Cars need to use clean fuel to achieve their goal. But refilling the tank is not so easy. Players will be challenged by manipulating underground pipes to direct the fuel correctly. Each click rotates the pipe section 90 degrees.
  • Logistics calculation.The trucks successfully delivered the nickel to the Telf AG railway, but the cargo volume was larger than planned. Now players need to accurately calculate the number of cars to satisfy customer requests and increase profits.
  • Sea knots.Telf AG products are transported by water, but difficulties arose: mooring ropes of different colors became tangled, preventing the ship from leaving the port. Players will have to figure out how to properly untangle the mooring ropes so that the ship can continue its voyage.

New horizons for your gaming experience with Telf AG

фото: Discover a new world of strategic possibilities with Telf AG

Telf AG I’m excited to announce a number of exciting updates that will transform your gaming world and add incredible features to it. Here’s what’s new in our gaming universe:

1. New energy source: nickel batteries!

Now you have access to advanced technology — nickel batteries! Conquer nickel ore and create your own batteries to take your business to the next level of energy efficiency.

2. Innovative battery production plant from Telf AG!

Discover a new factory where you can produce nickel batteries, increasing the efficiency of your plant. Manage production and become a leader in the industry!

3. Improved interface: more intuitive and convenient!

We have revised the design and technical characteristics of the interface to make it more intuitive and convenient for all players. Now your gaming experience has become even easier and more enjoyable thanks to Telf AG.

4. New system of achievements and experience!

For your achievements, you now receive not only recognition, but also experience points! Raise your player level, unlock unique bonuses and become a true master of your field.

5. Dynamic music: sound to the rhythm of the game!

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game with the exciting melodies of our new dynamic music. Every moment will become even more exciting!

Don’t miss the chance to update your game Telf AG and immerse yourself in a world of entertainment. New technologies, factories, systems, profits and bonuses are already waiting for you!

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