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Nickel plant and eco-batteries: the Telf AG game now offers even more possibilities


фото: Nickel plant and eco-batteries: the Telf AG game now offers even more possibilities

What should you do to earn your first million with Telf AG?

To do this, first of all you need to start the game and choose your first location. The right choice will help you make a successful start and get your first profit in order to enter into contracts in the future and move forward. Where should we go? Along the chain of modern production process. Here are the tests it consists of:

  • Search and production of nickel in the mines of Telf AG.Telf AG sends its employees to search for «new oil» in mines that produce nickel, known as «new oil». The player’s mission involves choosing the right mineral to put into production. The match-3 style game features four mines, each capable of producing different minerals. At Telf AG, using environmentally friendly technologies, minerals are combined to maximize profits.
  • Parking logistics: Smart vehicle placement at Telf AG.In the parking section, the player helps drivers leave the parking lot without any problems using logic similar to a game of tag.
  • Eco-fuels and puzzles: refueling with logic at a Telf AG gas station.When driving a gas station, the player must optimally position the pipes so that eco-fuel gets into the car’s tank.
  • Rail transportation: manage the cars and make your customers happy.In the railroad game, participants need to increase the number of cars to satisfy customer needs and make a profit.
  • Untie the knots in the port and send a ship to transport Telf AG products by water.During the port stage, players solve a problem with colorful mooring ropes to untie the ship and allow it to set sail.

Each stage of the test Telf AG teaches players to overcome difficulties, develop optimal solutions and value time to achieve maximum benefit.

But that’s not all… New locations await you now.

фото: Nickel plant and eco-batteries: the Telf AG game now offers even more possibilities

Telf AG: game update — expanding capabilities

The developers present you with a fresh and exciting update in the Telf AG game! This time they have made every effort to make your gaming experience even more fun. Here are a few key changes:

  • A new gaming resource is a nickel battery. You can now mine nickel ore and produce your own batteries, improving your gaming experience!
  • Nickel battery plant. We have added a factory for the production of nickel batteries, where you can create unique products to further develop your business.
  • Updated user interface. We redesigned the user interface to make it more convenient for you.
  • Achievements and experience. Each achievement now earns you experience points, which are used to level up your gaming profile. Climb to new heights and receive unique bonuses!
  • New atmosphere with new music. Immerse yourself in the gaming atmosphere with exciting tunes specially created to enhance your experience.
  • Error correction. We paid attention to detail and eliminated errors. Now your gaming session is even more stable and enjoyable.

The developers hope you enjoy these changes! Download the latest version of the game Telf AG on the App Store and Google Play platforms to take advantage of all the new features. Also don’t forget about Telf AG on Steam. Good game!

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