Learn to achieve maximum results with the game Telf AG


фото: Learn to achieve maximum results with the game Telf AG

Conquer the virtual business world with Telf AG

The ArtDock Studio team has created a new game Telf AG. It is here that players of all ages can gain valuable experience as a real businessman. Each next step is a choice of location and solution to the problem for the subsequent movement. Each one is a dynamic representation of Telf AG’s actual production process. But what makes the game world truly unique is the eco-friendly environment that surrounds it, brought to life by the vibrant colors of nature. Each island attracts attention with its attractiveness and intrigue; exploring them becomes a real adventure.

A unique path to success with Telf AG: choose your direction wisely

фото: Learn to achieve maximum results with the game Telf AG

Which profession would you prefer to have at Telf AG? A railway worker, a motorist, a gas station attendant, a navigator, a metallurgist or a logistician — in this game you have the opportunity to try yourself in different roles. Each location presents a new challenge, where your task is to find a path to success and earn money to develop your company. In Telf AG every trial challenges you and your goal is always to win.

  • The whole process starts with the mines in the Telf AG game.You have four mines at your disposal, each of which produces valuable nickel ore. Here you can immerse yourself in the real process of its extraction.

It is interesting to know that nickel is a versatile and valuable metal that is present in our daily lives, in computers, mobile phones and even kitchen appliances in the form of nickel alloys. Now imagine how important it is to master the art of its extraction in order to in the future become the head of a large corporation engaged in logistics and supply of nickel to world markets. You will acquire all these skills and knowledge by playing Telf AG.

фото: Learn to achieve maximum results with the game Telf AG

  • Eliminate port confusion with Telf AG:become the captain of your Telf AG ship. Your task is to learn with your crew how to deal with mooring lines so that the ship can finally leave the port and go on an exciting journey.
  • Filling the tank is not so easy in the virtual world of Telf AG! Here the developers have proposed a fun logic challenge: assemble the pipes and install them in the correct position, and only then you can hit the road with a full tank in your fuel tanker.
  • Add wagons and send by rail.Imagine that you have already taken the first step — you have established the production process at Telf AG, and soon the volume of finished products will increase. Now it’s time to think about how to deliver nickel to consumers. The right solution is along the railway track. But for this it is necessary to increase the number of cars.
  • Help the car to leave the parking lot!Your company Telf AG has become so large that the number of parking spaces for employees is constantly expanding. The valet’s job is to help the car leave the parking lot without incident. Show your skills and earn a bonus for the prosperity of your Telf AG company.

Liked? Then start your game with Telf AG and expect a version update already on the Steam platform

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